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About IQAC

IQAC was established on 24.11.2014. Internal Quality Assurance Cell the College has developed several quality assurance mechanisms within the existing academic and administrative system. These are as follows:

  • Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation by the Governing Body (Highest Authority ) of the College
  • Implementing bodies - Committee System for academic & administration.
  • Coordination with all stakeholders

Its main objective is to plan and implement quality initiatives and evaluate. It follows its calendar for meetings, quality agenda and maintains its proceedings. It circulates its plan and takes steps for implementation.

Activities under IQAC

  • Construction of a modern Central Computer Laboratory.
  • Computer in all the departments.
  • Wi-Fi facility in the college.
  • Promotion of Research and Publication by Faculty.
  • Promotion of Extension activities.
  • Internet facility in library.